An innovation of our business partner  Algo    paint     ®  - France

           An innovation of our business partner Algo paint ®- France

After many years of research and development on new bio-based raw materials, ALGO PAINT® company has been innovative by substituting local renewable sources for fossil energies. We therefore developed a bio-based paint, thanks to the incorporation of algaes from the French coast (Brittany).

Considering upcoming building energy efficiency codes (RT 2012/ RT 2020 / HQE building/ Energy-plus- house), we are willing to propose the healthiest product both in conception and application. ALGO® contributes to indoor air quality of buildings (Free from VOCs) taking into account buildings insulation and thermal issues being bigger and bigger.

As far as conception is concerned, we have moved to a short supply chain, contributing thus to a collaborative and circular economy as well as creation of regional jobs for the future. Moreover, we help protect our environment through the lowest environmental impact and carbon footprint.